infrared glasses coronavirus

Infrared glasses to detect people with Coronavirus

Hello again guys and welcome! Today we're talking about a Chinese startup on technology. Certainly, this will help us detect people that have Coronavirus...

Former bodyguard on Ellen DeGeneres: She is a facade

We are sure you have all heard about the amazing American comedian, Ellen DeGeneres. The one that makes people laugh every time she opens...

Previously defeated the Spanish flu, meet the oldest woman to win the battle with...

Exactly 102 years ago, people also suffered a lot from Spanish Flu. It was a deadly influenza pandemic which was caused by H1N1 A...
Coronavirus Pandemic fashion

Coronavirus Pandemic and it’s Consequences on Fashion

Coronavirus Pandemic has been into our lives for 2-3 months now. We are all aware that it's consequences on economy, finances, oil and lots...
Tik Tok

Tik Tok is the king of social media during 2020 Covid Pandemic

Hello again guys today we're talking about TiK ToK and how its popularity is getting higher and higher even beyond instagram facebook etc. During this...