How to choose your perfect wedding dress?

wedding dress

I do! As soon as we hear these 2 words, the only thing that comes in mind is : Weddings!!!

There comes a time in life when you find the perfect person, the one and only. Of course, mostly if you are a girl, you have probably been dreaming for the perfect wedding since you were 10 years old maybe. You have seen lots of movies, lots of TV Shows. And if they were any good, you definitely have seen the greatest wedding ceremonies out there.

In addition, there are TV Shows like Wedding Wars focused only on weddings, brides and the arrangements. In other words, the whole ceremony. Having a perfect wedding means one of your biggest dreams is coming true. Moreover, it means that you have found your best half and are ready to take your relationship further by celebrating with all your loved ones.


Being a very important step in your life, you can’t help but think about that white wedding dress you’ll wear at your weeding.

But don’t worry, we are here to help you. We know that your dress is the most important purchase in your wedding planning checklist. If you follow our advice below you should have no problem on choosing the perfect dress for you. We will make sure that you’ll have the best experience with our tips :


1- Be sure to have fun when choosing your dress.

This is an important part of the whole planning. Lots of women get stressed during this period but try to have fun. Also, try lots of dresses on, even if know beforehand that you are not going to choose them. It will make you feel good and you are going to love it.

2- Match the dress to your decoration style

Here you should definitely keep in mind what kind of season you have chosen for you wedding. In addition, they are other factors to take in consideration like for example if the wedding will be a casual beach party or maybe somewhere in nature or even inside an historical building. By having all these stuff planned before choosing, it will be more easier for you to define you perfect type of dress.

wedding decor
wedding decor

3- Always be sure to choose what you really like.

Its common to have your best friends, sister and your mom go shopping with you to help you decide on what to wear. While this is a good option, sometimes it can be overwhelming. Just think about it, you hear 4-5 people telling you different opinions on what looks good on you. And even if all opinions are the same for some dresses, you may not feel that good wearing that one.

All your close people of course want the best for you. But in the end it should be you who decide.

And that’s it. Here are our tips on how to choose your wedding dress. Again, keep it simple and fun while choosing.



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