Tik Tok is the king of social media during 2020 Covid Pandemic

Tik Tok

Hello again guys today we’re talking about TiK ToK and how its popularity is getting higher and higher even beyond instagram facebook etc.

During this time of pandemic especially right now now-defunct more and more users from their Instagram stars. This application is a very good way to spend your free time at home. Think of it as a way of being virtually social. As you know these past month the media is only talking about coronavirus and it’s very boring to be honest but it is a must because people need to be informed every day so we can win this ‘war’. And this is the reason of TiK ToK success because it brings hope entertainment and connection again between people.

According to Sensor Tower tiK ToK has been downloaded 315 million times from January till the end of March. The creators were very smart because they use hashtags like #HappyAtHome and also added live streaming.

tik tok home

This flux of downloads it’s bigger than any others for a similar period of time. Tik Tok’s total number of downloads is 2 billion. It’s very interesting that half of these downloads came only in a year and a half. It’s very interesting that this app started in Beijing and spread this quickly. After the world wins this coronavirus ‘war’ every one of us will remember one thing: Humanity always find hope no matter the situation and that’s why we move forward.
Respect the rules and save lives.
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