I found it necessary to devote a post about Trojan. Trojan’s are
probably the most compromising of all types of attacks.

Trojans are being released by the hundreds every week, each more
cleverly designed that the other. We all know the story of the
Trojan horse probably the greatest strategic move ever made.
In my studies I have found that Trojans are primarily responsible
for almost all Windows Based machines being compromised.
For those of you who do not know what Trojans are I’ll briefly
explain. Trojans are small programs that effectively give
“hackers” remote control over your entire Computer.

Some common features with Trojans are as follows:

• Open your CD-Rom drive
• Capture a screenshot of your computer
• Record your key strokes and send them to the “Hacker”
• Full Access to all your drives and files
• Ability to use your computer as a bridge to do other
hacking related activities.
• Disable your keyboard
• Disable your mouse…and more!

tojan horse

Let’s take a closer look at one of the most more popular
• Netbus
The Netbus Trojan has two parts to it as almost all Trojans do.
There is a Client and a Server. The server is the file that
would have to get installed on your system in order to have
your system compromised. Here’s how the hack would go.

The Hack
Objective: Getting the potential victim to install the server
onto his/her system.

-Send the server file (for explanation purposes we’ll call the file
netbusserver.exe) to you via E-Mail. This was how it was
originally done.
The hacker would claim the file to be a game of some sort.
When you then double click on the file, the result is nothing.
You don’t see anything. (Very Suspicious)
Note: (How many times have you double clicked on a
file someone has sent you and it apparently did

At this point what has happened is the server has now been
installed on your system.

All the “hacker” has to do is use the Netbus Client to connect to your system and everything you have on your system is now accessible to this “hacker.”


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