The blood of patients cured of coronavirus is sold illegally online

blood covid

Since the Covid-19 pandemic entered quickly enough into our daily life, we hear all kinds of stuff. The TV goes on and on with daily reports, the internet has gone crazy too. Seems like all we can talk about is the coronavirus.

Personally for me, I don’t see this as an issue anymore. Yes people are dying of course, but we have to be calm so we can keep a healthy mind.


But the following news is kind of shocking.

“Immunized” blood doses allegedly coming from patients cured of coronavirus are being sold on illegal Internet networks instead of vaccines. Alert providers even say that blood is just one of the “products” offered by criminals as they try to collect as much as possible from the pandemic.

A report by the Australian Institute of Criminology states that a “dark layer” of websites can be accessed through some non-indexed search engines. This websites are being used by criminal groups to trade banned items.

False coronavirus vaccines are being sold for about 15,000 euros each. Along with them, so are personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves and protective suits.

Researcher Rod Broadhurst said that if such blood is injected into someone, they risk being affected by the virus.

“Perhaps they are talking about what is called ‘passive vaccination’, when blood plasma from a patient cured by Covid-19 is collected for its antibodies and then injected into someone who is at risk.”


Source: Chainalysis

Of the approximately 645 fake product sales networks that were discovered by the authorities, 394 were in the US. Others include 39 in Europe, 17 in Britain and less in China and Australia.

Their advertisements for the fake goods included the following slogans.

  1. “We bring you the coronavirus vaccine overnight at home,”
  2. “The Covid-19 antidote comes to you from China,” or “the fast-delivery coronavirus vaccine.”

Broadhurst added: “For some people, pandemics are a criminal opportunity to take advantage of fear and shortcomings. I think these scams will increase, so we need to start tracking them down. We found there unsafe vaccines, recycled antivirals and other items. Some of them are advertised as stolen from real scientific testing. But they can be false and no one can stop that. ”



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