Space suits of astronauts and their importance

space suit

Hello again guys hope you are very happy and hungry to learn some new stuff from science!
In this post we will talk about space suits that astronauts wear when they go on their journeys outside Earth and why they are so important.

What’s the first thing that pops in your mind?

Below we will list some facts about being in space that you probably didn’t know so you can better understand the function of a space suit.

• The temperature is very very low and if you came into direct contact you’d probably freeze right away. Your suit must keep an acceptable temperature for your body.

• Humans need oxygen and there is no oxygen up there, therefore you need a source. Guess what? Yeah you’re right!
Also the suit must remove the carbon dioxide that you exhale.


• If you paid attention to your science teacher you must know that there is no atmosphere in space hence there is no pressure. Think of a balloon that you put too much air inside and at one point it blows. The reason behind it is that the pressure inside the balloon was way bigger than the air outside. Almost the same thing happens in space with your body being the balloon, so maintaining the right pressure for you is the suits duty.

• We guess that you imagine space a quiet place but no. Think of many small particles like rocks but micro in size flying close to you like bullets. They go really really fast and if you came in contact with one of it, it would go through you so you need to wear some bulletproof. You know what we mean.

So next time you even think of going to space wear an imaginary costume!

Have a great day!


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