Setup installer using InnoSetup – How to create a setup


Hello guys and welcome back! In today’s article we will teach you to create a setup installer from an existing java application (.exe) that you already created. You can check our first guide on how to create (.exe) here.

First thing that you need is a program called InnoSetup that you can get for free here.


After downloading and installing Inno Setup run it. Then select ‘Create a new script file using the script wizard’ and click OK.


Click next on the next dialog and another dialog will come up where you can fill in your application name, version publisher and website. Click Next.


We suggest clicking next and not changing anything on the next dialog.


Alright be very careful on the next one. You have to click Browse and select your .exe application so when you finish your setup, it installs your app and not the default that it has. Hit next.


After this dialog we suggest you to keep clicking next until you pass your language selection where you can select your output folder for your setup, name and also give your setup a good icon. It is important that your icon is .ico format otherwise it does not work. You can get free icons in required format here. Click Next.


We suggest clicking Next on the next dialog and then finally Finish! After clicking finish a dialog will pop up and ask you ‘Would you like to compile the script now?’ Just click Yes. Another one will come up asking you to save the script so you can re-use it. We suggest not saving but its optional. We have arrived at the end. Inno Setup should now create your setup pretty quickly and you can find it in your destination folder. Have a look at our setup below.


The end!


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