Take this simple quiz to know how healthy your lifestyle is.

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1.How Old Are You?

2.How Much Do You Weight?

3.How Many Times A Day Do You Eat?

4.What Type Of Diet Do You Have?

5.How Many Times A Week Do You Exercise?

6.How Much Sleep Do You Get Every Night?

7.Tell Us About Your Bad Habits?

8.Are You Stressed?

9.Do You Have Good Relationships With Other People?

10.How Often Do You Get Examinations And Screenings?

How Healthy Are You ?
You Have A Very Unhealthy Lifestyle

You have a very unhealthy lifestyle. You need to make healthier choices as you are at a high risk of lifestyle diseases.
Your Lifestyle Is Not Healthy

Your lifestyle is not healthy. You should let go of bad habits and focus on healthier options.
You Have A Somewhat Healthy Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is good but there is still room for improvement.
You Have A Healthy Lifestyle

You have a very healthy lifestyle. Do you best to keep it as it is.

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