President Trump accuses Democrats of wanting failure with coronavirus

president trump coronavirus

President Donald Trump accused the Democrats this Tuesday. His accusations were based on thoughts that Democrats want Trump’s administration to fail in his measures and response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

However, President Trump has provided no evidence to support this claim, thus triggering debates.

In addition, before visiting an Arizona mask factory, President Trump was asked  by a White House-accredited correspondent why he would allow senior health official Anthony Fauci to testify before a Senate committee with a Republican majority, but not in the House of Representatives with a democratic majority.

president trump

Because the House of Representatives is a trap.  “The House of Representatives is a bunch of people who hate Trump.” – answered the  Republican President. “They sincerely want our situation to be unsuccessful,  which means deaths. And our situation will be very successful.

President Trump is seeking re-election in November. He also said “Democrats want us to fail so they can win a pair of elections that they will not win.” Arizona is a key state that can decide the outcome of an election. This state is one of dozens of U.S. states that are partially lifting bans on social life and business. A decision based on hoping to impose to curb the coronavirus pandemic.

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Phoenix, Arizona, two weeks ago, calling on Republican Governor Doug Ducey  to ease restrictions on the state. Many of the protesters waved American flags and wore hats and shirts in support of President Trump.

On Monday, the University of Washington’s Institute for Health and Assessment Parameters (IHME) predicted  that COVID-19 deaths in the United States could reach
about 135,000 by early August after easing physical distance measures.
The new coronavirus is already known to have infected  nearly 1.2 million people in the United States. This number includes at least 70,000 who have died from COVID-19, according to a Reuters news agency report.


  1. Ha! In your effort to color this you say a protest against a single republican? Forget the dozens of you liberal tyrant governors being protested nationwide.


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