Living together with your boyfriend/girlfriend

Living Together

When it comes to relationships at some point you will think about moving in with your boyfriend or girlfriend. It is a great thing living together because you can share everything with each other but it also has its downsides. You should at least consider some of the advice listed below before deciding to live with each other.

1) Chores
Like every one of us knows, nobody likes house chores but when living with your partner it is very important that you co-operate in order to keep your house clean. The best way is to discuss beforehand and try to find a way to split them. For example: one partner cooks, the other clean the dishes, one partner does the laundry and the other mops the floor and so on.

2) Budget and economy
While living together you will have lots of bills to pay including rent, electricity, internet, food, cosmetics, house supplies etc. Knowing this, it would be very wise to communicate with your partner before moving in so you can try to pre-calculate these monthly expenses and decide if you can handle it or not. Also keep in mind to make a backup plan in case one of you loses his job.


3) Free time
It is very decisive on how you spend your free time. Maybe your hobbies and your partners hobbies are not the same so you should understand this and accept it. There are two things to keep in mind: spending time alone is healthy and having common activities is also healthy, so make sure to keep a balance between them when living together.

4) Conflicts
Be prepared to have a couple of fights with your partner when living together. Everyone has their habits and you may have not discovered every one of your partners before moving in. The best way is to communicate when you’re not angry and keep your voice down. With good communication you can solve everything.

5) Sex
You can have sex any time you want when living together. On the other hand, as time passes you might lose your desire a little bit. Don’t worry, it’s totally understandable. Sometimes you’re tired, sometimes you’re not in the mood, sometimes you’re stressed. This is normal for all of us. The key here is to understand your partners needs and opportunities and not taking things personally.
Don’t forget to wear a condom or tip number two will punish you haha!

Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for more!


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