Let’s face it, most of the world doesn’t even know what Linux is. Isn’t that a shame?

So, today my friends, I want to talk about Linux and it’s power. I am going to pretend that the people who are reading this post does not know nothing about Linux.

But what is Linux?

Basically, it is an Operating System like Windows or OS X. Actually it is a free open source Operating System.It allows it’s users to modify it and use it for their different purposes.People are not very familiar with this operating system because some say that it is difficult to use and they don’t even try to install it.But it is not! Personally , I can’t go a day without using it. It is a lot faster and Secure than Windows and it can perform tasks a lot easier.

Linux is based on UNIX operating system. It has a graphical user interface and in the past years this GUI (graphical user interface) has become even more user friendly.

What is the power of Linux?

Have you ever heard of the word terminal ? Well that’s somehow one of the Linux best features. A terminal is like a command prompt (Windows) but it is much more powerful.In the Linux terminal you can do anything you do on cmd. And a lot more. For example ,you want to download something,Let’s say a software.You can use the terminal to download it. Keep in mind that folders are not in a .zip or .rar format.But we will see them in other posts.For now I just want you to get to know Linux a little bit.

Linux is widely used for hacking.It contains lots of free tools and software.For example : stealing wifi passwords , scanning websites and databases,etc. If that does not excite you, I don’t know what will.

You can read more here

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In the next post we will focus on how to install Linux. So stay tuned.


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