Learn programming from scratch,links and personal experience

programming experience

Programming, the most awesome thing in the world…

Welcome back guys. Today I will give you some tips about how to learn programming. I’m also going to provide some useful books which helped me through my way of being a successful programmer.

It all started with a computer and a nice cup of coffee.I started surfing on the web about networking and security.After some researches, I started reading about C/C++ and Java.

To be honest, Java got most of my attention. So after doing some “Hello World” examples I understood that I needed a nice book to keep learning it very well and become a pro.After doing some research I found out about the best Java book ever : Big Java 4th Edition by CAY HORSTMANN

It took me 2 months to finish the entire book and those were the most meaningful months of my life.l soon became a good java programmer and the next step for me was to become an Oracle Java Certified Programmer but I am going to talk on my experience about that in the next posts. Besides Java, there are also many other programming languages for you to study. The secret is that once you understand the logic and some basic syntax about languages, you become a pro.

There are lots of jobs you can do in the future if you know are in the computer science world. You can create websites, you can develop software, working with databases and be a successful database administrator which by the way, it the highest paying job among others I mentioned. So it’s worth a try right?

Let’s talk about website programming,which is considered the easiest of them.

If you want to learn website programming I suggest you begin from scratch. A nice source of learning(for absolute beginners) is W3SCHOOLS 



It provides you tutorials about different web programming languages. Some include : HTML , CSS , JAVASCRIPT and a lot more. If you have time and want to learn things step by step, w3schools is the right choice. And If you are an advanced website programmer, you will see that you can create amazing things by yourself and you don’t need it.

If you need any help, feel free to contact me! Stay tuned.


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