Hello Guys, today we are going to talk about the Java survey for 2020. We will check out the developers insight on providing the following results : 

1- Java Version

Maybe you have not noticed but Java 8 still dominates the market and personally, I use it in all my projects.

java survey

2- Build Tools

As you know there are different build tools like Gradle, Maven and Ant but of course, Maven leaves the others far behind as it is the most used build tool.

build tools java survey

3- Frameworks

I don’t think I need to talk too much about frameworks as it is obvious who dominates here. The use of Spring Boot has been impressive and its growing day by day.

framework java survey

4- IDE Adoption

I myself started with Eclipse and sometimes I used Netbeans when programming is Swing but still Eclipse was my number one. Until I started using IntelliJ. It is really the best one among all these 3. IntelliJ is clearly winning the race here, with 61.3% . You can download IntelliJ here


5- Web / Application Server use

Here we can mention lots of application servers but Tomcat still dominates as expected.


Conclusion :

So, there we have it. Its always interesting to look at these info. Thanks to all who voted and helped generating this java survey.

Stay tuned.



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