How to pass the Java SE 8 OCA Exam

java oca

Hello buddies , today we are going to teach you how to pass the JAVA SE 8 OCA (Oracle Certified Associate) exam. After learning the basics of Java programming language, normally many of you may want to get certified in Java. There are a lot exams online but the most useful is the Oracle Exam. So this post will only cover the exam preparation of the Oracle Java exams.

Why should you even bother taking  this exam? Well this may be one of the questions that lots of you may ask and it’s okay, we expect all of you to ask this.

The main reason to have this certificate is the fact that many of you get stuck on applying for a job (if you want to be a java software developer ) and you don’t have the necessary qualifying skills to be accepted. Let it be clear that one of the first things the interviewer will ask is if you are Java Certified. So if you want to get a nice job with good salary you should begin to consider taking the exam.

So we are going t provide some useful links and books to start learning for the exam and actually pass it and why not, with a good score. The JAVA SE 8 OCA Exam has 70 questions and 65% passing score. You don’t have to write any code during the exam , you only need to select the right answer among all the given answers. Please keep in mind that some questions have 2 or more correct answers. For now , that’s all you need to know about the exam. Of course , you can find all the details about the exam topics here 

What books to read and what to study?

Basically, you only need to read just one book, and that’s an awesome book which we guarantee will help you guys a lot. No need to buy it on Amazon, you can download here for free. Click here

The book contains all the exam topics divided into chapters and you will find practice tests at the end of all chapters, and also the answers for all chapters and their tests at the end of the book.After reading this book and taking all tests available in the book now you are ready for the next step.

Buy Enthuware practise test  

This is the wisest thing to do guys. Those tests actually helped me a lot more than the book and they are very close to the actual exam questions. You can purchase Enthuware tests for 9.95$ and hey have 600+ questions (the are answers and explanation after finishing each test)

That’s it guys, we passed the test in just a month of studying but you can study a lot more. Hope you enjoyed the post. Stay tuned.


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