How do Electric Cars work – For Dummies


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We’re talking about electric cars so keep reading to learn some new cool stuff!

As you know, electric cars are the modern technology substitution of cars that run by using diesel, petrol, gas as a power source. But how do they work?

It’s quite simple to understand actually. The main parts of an electric car are: Electric AC motor, inverter, drivetrain and batteries.

Firstly, the AC motor is responsible for providing power to spin the wheels.

Secondly, the inverter converts direct current (DC) to alternative current (AC).

Thirdly, drivetrain is the link that transfers power from AC motor to the wheels. Electric cars have a single-speed transmission.

And lastly, the batteries serve as a power magazine. They are located along the surface of the car closest to the ground. They are charged just like a cellphone and they provide DC current.

In conclusion, energy follows this path: From the grid to batteries, after that goes to the inverter where it converts from DC to AC, then it goes to the electric motor and makes it spin and lastly gets transferred by the drivetrain to wheels.


Also there are a few advantages that we need to mention.

1) You save money in the long run because these cars can run 6 to 8 times more miles than diesel or petrol cars for the same price. Forget about engine oil that you have to change regularly as well.

2) There is no emission of gases therefore they do not pollute the environment.


3) Their efficiency is very high compared to traditional cars because of the single speed transmission (the motor spins the wheels directly). This is the reason that they accelerate very very fast. Dont forget to drive safely, you’re responsible for you and others around!

4) Noise free! They run quite smoothly and this is very good for everyone including drivers, pedestrians and places where people live starting from villages two big cities.

So buying an electric car is a win-win situation for everyone and also our planet!

Hope you learnt something new and enjoyed!


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