Great Discounts on Smartphones May 2020


Hello guys and welcome back.
Even if we are in a global pandemic situation right now, one of the
things that is less affected by coronavirus is Technology and smartphones which we use everyday.

Of course lots of tech companies have had some loss but its nothing compared to some other areas with tremendous loss, like oil companies for example.

In addition, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and other tech giants have
helped a lot during this difficult period. Some of them with money, some with medical facilities and others with research funding on COVID-19 vaccine. Even so, the coronavirus has not stopped them from keeping their products with the same price as before. Lets consider Apple for example.

Their price tags are still crazy these days. We all know that Iphone is one the best smartphones out there but due to its price, not a lot of people can afford it.

However, this ends now because today, we are going to help you on finding the best smartphone deals this month.

We have been doing some research for you and we found out lots of smartphones are currently having discounts.

I am sure you all heard about OnePlus. It is one the best phone companies which provides great customer support beside their phone products which are perfect. If you want a suggestion from us : This is one the best phones you should buy even without a discount.

For OnePlus fans : OnePlus offical website 

You can now buy OnePlus 7T with  this excellent offer from the OnePlus website for $499$ (it was $599 , you save 100$)

smartphones oneplus

You can buy OnePlus 7 Pro with 8gb RAM + 256GB Storage
for $549 (it was $699, you save $150)

For Iphone fans :
We guess you have already heard about Iphone SE model announced on 15 April 2020
with iOS 13. The price is very reasonable for this product as its
64GB + 3GB RAM starts with $399 at Amazon. In addition, the Walmart’s offer
is like a deal on top of a deal.

You can buy Iphone SE for only $199 with this great deal if you pay $8.29 for 24 months ( Upgrade Only )

smartphones iphone

Besides Walmart, Best Buy is known for its deals too. That’s why we took a look
on smartphones there too and found out another good deal. This is probably not
a good one compared to Walmart as you only save $50, but its worth
taking a look at.

Buy Iphone SE 2nd generation 64GB unlocked ( Black version) for $349.99

However, if you are still an Apple fan, but you dont mind a refurbished phone,
we have done research for you too. And from what I have heard, refurbished
phones are in pretty good conditions is most cases when in comes to Iphones.

1) Refurbished Iphone X 64GB unlocked ( Space Gray version) for $599 – It was $899 ( you save $300)
2) Refurbished Iphone XS 256GB unlocked ( Space Gray version) for $829 – It was $1049 ( you save $220)
3) Refurbished Iphone XS Max 256GB unlocked ( Silver version) for $929 – It was $1149 ( you save $220)

Moreover, check these 3 amazing deals here :

That’s it guys, hope you enjoy these offers, if you find another one you can post them below in the comments section. Stay tuned for more.


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