Former bodyguard on Ellen DeGeneres: She is a facade

We are sure you have all heard about the amazing American comedian, Ellen DeGeneres. The one that makes people laugh every time she opens her mouth and starts taking.


Ellen is a TV host and has her own show called The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The show mostly consists on inviting different celebrities and talking with them about the celebrity recent activities. Moreover, since celebrities are mostly singers, they sing, also play games or whatever other thing that pops on Ellen’s mind. You can check out her website or visit her Youtube channel where she posts all of her activity.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show has a huge audience all over the world. In addition, Ellen has a great personality on TV and is loved by her fans. As far as people know, she is a hard worker, always looking out for people and always making them laugh.

However, some shocking news about Ellen have been happening during the last days. 

The comedian has been in the spotlight during the coronavirus pandemic.

She has often been criticized by staff members of The Ellen DeGeneres SHOW for failing to communicate with employees and failing to pay for their time in pandemic. But besides that, recently, Ellen DeGeneres has had another surprise.

The former bodyguard who would defend her at the 2014 Oscars has spoken out about her selfish behavior.

Tom Majercak, the personal bodyguard of DeGeneres on the 86th anniversary of the Academy Awards, spoke about a fatal and completely unpleasant experience with the moderator. According to his statements, Ellen neither greeted him nor thanked him. She always acted very cold and humiliated him.

The former bodyguard told that the way Ellen treats people of her social status is very different from the way she treats other people.

He then added that Ellen is very different from what is shown on television. People fall in love with it, but it’s a fake facade. She is not the person who portrays herself, pretends. Ellen doesn’t care about anything else as long as she gets what she wants.


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