Kylie Jenner No Longer Has The Most-Liked Picture On Instagram Thanks To This Egg.

Until now Kylie Jenner held the world record for most liked photo on Instagram. She went past the likes of Queen Bey, Justin Bieber, and it also beat her own baby announcement of her daughter, Stormi (who previously held the record in 2015). But now there’s an account that’s trying to change all that: the World Record Egg/ Egg Gang.

word record egg


@world_record_egg posted a snap on January 5 with the sole intention of obtaining a new world record, and has since gone viral online.

“Kylie Jenner has the record for the most likes on an Instagram post with 18M,” the caption on the image reads.

“Can we beat it with a picture of an egg?”


It’s no mean feat – Kylie’s first photo of her daughter, Stormi Webster, racked up over 18 million likes but the egg has now got 34 million on its only photo.



Kylie responded with a very racy photo of herself in an animal print bodice. She captioned the saucy snap: ‘Oh… Hi nice to see you again!’.

A vintage video of herself cracking an egg on the gravel soon followed with the caption: ‘Kylie when she sees the world record egg account.’

‘Take that egg!’ she wrote.


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