Infrared glasses to detect people with Coronavirus

infrared glasses coronavirus

Hello again guys and welcome! Today we’re talking about a Chinese startup on technology. Certainly, this will help us detect people that have Coronavirus using infrared glasses.

Have you ever seen movies where police special forces use thermal imaging? Basically the idea is the same. These infrared glasses will use thermal imaging to detect Coronavirus carriers. The company that started producing these glasses is called Rokid. You can visit their website on this link.

Some quick facts: these glasses contain an infrared sensor that can measure up to 200 people in a 3 meter distance. Furthermore, they have a 12MP camera that can record videos and take images. They contain a Qualcomm CPU. Voice control is another helpful feature.

As we think, this technology should be used on areas where there are a lots of social gathering. Some places would be: stadiums, metro, hospitals, airports, companies of production with a lot of staff etc. Seems like this is a great solution as it helps us detect people with higher temperature than normal. As a result we can directly know who to test.

Another thing to mention is that these infrared glasses helped China to fight Coronavirus pandemic. Not all people that displayed higher temperature than normal were positive with the virus but some others did. It is interesting that China won this ‘war’ before every other country. In our opinion they have many great resources in technology that helped them. Also Chinese people are very careful on respecting the rules.

We recommend you to adopt new behaviours and act as if you have the virus to protect yourself and others. Wash your hands often, wear a mask in crowded places, practice social distancing and be extra careful to use your elbow when you sneeze. ACHOO!!!

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