Coronavirus – 4 positive facts about COVID-19


We know that this is a very negative period and so has been for at least the past month in every single country of the world.

Being a global problem, the coronavirus pandemic is
affecting our daily life and our loved ones and
people around us.

Given the facts, now all we want is to hear some really good news. So this article is only about the positive impacts that COVID 19 has had on our life
and hopefully we will see them in the near future. Below are 5 positive news on coronavirus.


1- A 103-year-old Chinese woman  made a great full recovery from COVID-19.

From news all around the world regarding to this virus, we know that older people are more at risk, also of course people with diseases like

a) Cardiovascular disease

b) Diabetes

c) Hypertension and some others.

But luckily, this 103-old grandmother, who was treated in a Wuhan hospital, made a full recovery.The woman’s doctors attribute her recovery to good health and the fact that she did not have any underlying conditions.

2 – COVID-19 vaccine testing begins in Seattle

This is actually one of the best news we have heard these days. Authorities claim that testing has begun in Seattle to develop a vaccine, “as healthy volunteer gets first shot”. I am sure that we have heard lots of news going around about developing a vaccine for Coronavirus and also that it possibly needs more than 1 year, but it looks like some brilliant minds are already on it.

3 – Mainland China closing COVID-19 hospital

Hospital staff in the Chinese city Wuhan, where the COVID-19 originated, removed their masks ceremoniously as the country’s last emergency hospital, built to handle the crisis, was closed.

In the below video shared on Twitter by China Daily, you can see the workers remove their masks one by one as the camera passes them, to mark the moment.

4 – Seems like Israel developed a new vaccine for COVID-19

From some news, it seems that Israeli scientists will announce the development of a vaccine, as well as a company in San Diego working with other labs around the country. The post does note that it won’t be available right away. I hadn’t heard anything about that when I was doing earlier research about possible vaccines, but it would be great if it was true!




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