Command Prompt tricks everyone should know

command prompt windows

Hi guys today we am going to show you some command prompt commands. We use them daily. They are going to be very helpful for you too, and also for newbies.

But what is command prompt ?

A command prompt is a command-line interpreter(CLI) where you can type the specified commands to interact with your current operating system.It is a non-graphical interface.However, using CLI is a lot faster than using GUI(graphical user interface)

How to open and use it?

To access command prompt (Windows) just click the Start button and type cmd. After doing so,a black window will appear on the screen Let’s illustrate this with an example.

command prompt


Now , you’re good to go.

1- Type ipconfig – This is useful to find your IP 

It all depends based on your connection. If it is LAN or if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. Either way,you are going to see a lot of stuff going on there. I am not going to explain them all.The only thing you need to see is IPv4 Address. In my case, it is a LAN network , so this will appear.

ipconfig command prompt


2-Type ping – This is for network connection issues

Sometimes we can’t connect to a specific website. And we don’t know what the problem is.To identify problems we use the ping utility.For example type : ping By doing so , you send packets to Facebook.Facebook will respond and let you know that has received them.You can also see if there are any packets lost.(In the picture we see 0% loss)

ping cmd


3- Type netstat -an – This is for listing connections

This command is pretty useful. It displays all the network statistics. It can also be used with an argument like in this case. The -an argument, displays a list of all open network connections. It also displays the port they are using.

netstat command prompt


4- Type cls – This is for clearing the screen

cls stands for clear screen.The name itself describes what this command does.If you have a lot going on in your command prompt screen , just type cls and it’s all gone

5- nslookup – This is to check IP of any website

If you don’t know how to find the IP of a specific website, this is definitely the best choice. Just type this command along with the name of the website. For example nslookup Let’s see the output of it.



They are lots of commands you can use, but using some of these will save your time. Stay tuned guys.


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