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Well , what can i say about programming? It is the one thing I love doing even on my free time. I want you to enter in my programming world, to read the latest news and why not, my personal opinion about them. Enjoy my articles and try to learn form them. It is never late to learn and develop new skills.Keep calm and love Programming.

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Command Prompt tricks everyone should know

Hi guys today I am going to show some command prompt commands.And I use them daily.I think they are going to be very helpful for you too, and also...



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Folder Lock With Password Without Any Software

Hi Guys , today we are going to teach how to lock a folder with password but without using any software. Paste the code given...

How to use a trial program forever without activation

In this post I’ll show you how to “hack” a Software and run the trial program forever. Most of us are familiar with many software's...

How To Rename Your Recycle Bin

Hi guys, today I am going to teach you How To Rename Your Recycle Bin. 1. Click Start / Run 2. Type regedit and press enter. 3....