Whenever you want to buy something, go for online shopping. There is absolutely more convenience, better prices, more variety and much less compulsive shopping.

Take a look at this list and see if there’s something you need!

We hope you love the products we recommend!
1. FLEXISPOT Exercise Desk Bike – 2018 CES Innovation Awards


Promising review: I like this desk bike a lot! I work with my laptop on it 4-6 hours a day.
The seat can be adjusted up and down, as well as the table.
No noisy at all, it provides a peaceful working environment.
Data display function is brilliant, I can see mileage, calories burned, time spent and so on.
Overall, very satisfied.

Chris Herault

Get it on Amazon for £349.99


2. Energix Charger



This cool mobile phone charger is extremely powerful. It fills your smartphone with a charge that keeps it going longer than ordinary chargers.

Available for you on Amazon at just £12.99


3. Netatmo Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor 


Promising review: Excellent product for monitoring the homes humidity and air quality. Especially for asthma sufferers.
Only issue was that the device was previously paired to another users apple homekit so it had been previously used but amazon kindly refunded me 25%.
Apart from that it is a 5 star product.

Amazon Customer

Get it on Amazon for £86.52


4. Tile Mate Item Finder

This gadget helps you find lost items you have attached it to. Fantastic for those who tend to forget easily.

Review: I absolutely love my new Tile Pro. It’s a very smart looking keyring and doesn’t take up much extra space in my pocket.
I have thought about buying a Tile many times over the years, now they have replaceable batteries I thought I would take the plunge.
I love the feature where you double press the tile and it makes your iPhone ring (even on silent), a very handy piece of kit that will only get better with more people using them.
I’m now going to buy these for all my family to use so we have a larger network to find anything we misplace or lose.


Get it on Amazon for £19.99


5. PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer 



This product is a must for all germaphobes out there.

Review: Got this for my boyfriend who is a complete germaphobe and he loves it. The wipe that comes with it removes all smudges from your screen


Check it on Amazon £54.95


6. UGREEN SD Card Reader USB 3.0


UGREEN SD Card Reader USB 3.0 can make your life easier. It has both SD and MicroSD card slots that let you read and write both simultaneously on any computer.


It can be yours on Amazon for just £9.99


7.Canon Zoemini Photo Printer – Black


If you want to remember the good old days, this item is a must have. Print all the photos you want in just a few moments. Before printing them you can also add fun custom features like frame, emojis and much more.

The price on Amazon is £99.99


8. Smartphone Camera Lens


Promising review: I was sceptical about how well these would work but I was very amazed at the first the quality of the products when opening the packaging and then further amazed to discover that they work fantastically! I have barely put them down since they were delivered, and I can’t be without these now especially as a photography lover. Would recommend to anyone 🙂


Get it from Amazon for £11.99


9. Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset – 32GB


A five star product absolutely worth it!

Promising review: I was never interested in other VR solutions due to all the wires and faff, but oculus go removes those barriers and I plunged for the 64gb version after hearing 32gb wasn’t enough, people were right so i’m glad i spent the extra 50 notes on 64gb. This is simply stunning as a stand alone VR headset. Really gives you that wow factor and to anyone who has never got into VR before but wants to dip their toes in, this headset is perfect. Even just watching a 3D movie within the headset is outstanding, the apps are great too.
The only downside is the battery life but considering this is an all in one unit, that can be forgiven. Well done to oculus on this amazing product which appeals to those who never considered VR before.


Go and get it on Amazon for £199.00


10. OnePlus 1091100041 Type-C Bullets Earphones – Black


Just like normal earphones but cooler, and very cheap.

You can find it on Amazon for £15.99


11. Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-up Light


Ready for the sleep of you dreams?

Review: Wasn’t sure whether this would work but I am happy to try anything that promises better wellbeing and I have been really pleased so far! I don’t really use the sleep setting but the wake up is great! I feel more adjusted to the morning when the alarm goes off. Obviously this doesn’t cure tiredness but it does make waking up much easier and I don’t rely on my phone for a wake up anymore. My partner has been really happy with it too and he wasn’t as eager to purchase it as me but he’s very much sold on it!

Lucy P.

Get it on Amazon for £139.49 


12. Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera



This amazing camera has Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows users to keep tabs on their pets via smartphone app. The gadget can also dispense treats.

Promising review: Every now and again, our Boston Terrier leaves us a wee “message” in the kitchen (‘wee’ being the operative word!). Particularly if he’s left home alone for a longer than usual period. I’d been looking for something that: a) would help keep an eye of Fred and b) would reward good behaviour. The Furbo is it! We’ve had it up and running since Christmas Day and it’s been fantastic! Great picture and sound quality and no problems tossing treats. There’s a great Furbo VIP Facebook community if you have any doubts that your’e doing something wrong, or the device isn’t functioning as you’d expected. Yeah, the price is a little steep, however, the quality is there, the technology is amazing and you can’t really put a price on peace of mind. Highly recommended!

A. Pitt

Get it on Amazon for £198.99


13. Folding Bluetooth Keyboard, Jelly Comb 


This pocket-friendly keyboards are perfect for everyday use. Its metal and polymer construction is durable and light, weighting in at 7 ounces.

Review: This keyboard is fantastic. Worth every penny. I’ve probably had three or four Bluetooth keyboard previously and they have either broken or haven’t sure my typing style. This is really well made and functions as well as any keyboard I have ever used. I don’t think it has missed a stroke so far. If there is a downside to this keyboard and I was being picky then I’d say that the ‘T’ key is just slightly smaller than I would have liked, but it is necessary for the folding motion to work

– Reagle11

Get it on Amazon £28.99


14. EWA A106 Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker 


Not so inspired by this gadget ?

Review: The sound played from this speaker is simply amazing and the sound is wonderful. The sound is very clear and great. And the bass is very good, very deep! In such a volume, it is incredible to be able to emit such a perfect sound quality and to be able to emit such a large volume! The battery is also very good and can be played for a long time. And this speaker is very delicate and very small. I also sent this bag, the sound can be transmitted through the small hole in the bag, and the volume will not change! You can take this speaker to anywhere! Very perfect speaker, I like it very much! This speaker is also very suitable as a gift! I would recommend it to other friends!


Get it from Amazon £11.99 


15. Anker PowerDrive Speed 2

Take your phone charging to the next level.

Review: As always, positive Anker, right from the arrival of the package to using it. I just cannot get my head around the Anker experience. Never have I been so excited about receiving something that is essentially mundane! The packaging is just simplistic and beautiful.
I’ve always had an issue with my Google Pixel that despite it being on charge, when I’m using Google Maps in the car, it still drains. Slowly, but drains either way. This is the first charger that compliments my USB-C cable and actually charges the phone. I did a test and while using Google Maps for a 15 minute journey, the battery had gone up by 10%, super impressed! It’s a great little unit that is more than capable of charging 2 devices in the car at the same time without any problems whatsoever.
It looks lovely and size wise its about as big as a 50 pence piece – so not as big as it looks in some of the pictures.


Get it on Amazon for £12.79


16. Bellabeat Leaf Urban Health Tracker/Smart Jewelry


This smart jewelry tracks your steps, distance moved and calories burned. It also tracks your sleep patterns, revealing the quantity and quality of your sleep. Tracks your reproductive health, providing you with an overview of your menstrual cycle.

Promising review: Love my Bellabeat, I wear it as a clip or necklace as I find it’s a bit bulky as a bracelet. It track my steps everyday very accurately and give me a reminder if I haven’t moved for a while – all these features can be set up to suit the individual.
Recently I dropped my Urban Leaf in a lake and was so upset…but there is a happy ending – it was recovered and despite being underwater for 4 days – water did not penetrate inside and it still works!


Get it on Amazon £126.86


17. August Smart Lock Pro + Connect Bundle 1.5 V, Silver

Be sure your door is secure with DoorSense. Always know your door is both closed and locked. August Smart Lock Pro automatically locks your door behind you, and automatically unlocks when you get home.

Promising review: DO NOT LISTEN to ANY of these BAD REVIEWS! I took a chance even though the reviews were not great! I am extremely happy with this lock! It’s amazing! From its functionality, WiFi connection, the app associated with this item, and for the luxury of having an all inclusive front door setup with lock and doorbell camera definitely give this item five BIG stars.

August gets a bad wrap I think because you really need good internet speeds and placements of each product needs to be pretty close to perfect suggested distance for their devices to work properly, but if you take the time to get it set up right, might need to make tweaks after initial setup, but the time is well spent! I honestly already had an August door lock and extender so i also bought the doorbell because I just didn’t want any more apps on my phone. I have never had one connection issue with my lock. It always unlocks for me when I’m pulling up to my house, has not once failed after having for almost a year! This was by far the best smart thing I purchased for my home, and it just goes to show you can’t always believe low rating reviews. I bought this and amazon was showing 2.5 star or 3, I can’t remember but that is wrong! Five star all the way!!!


Go and Get it on Amazon £354.55 



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